20 Examples of Clip Art

Although digital, Clip art can be rendered in a vintage style. This Vintage postcard with a rose can turn into a greeting or a love message.

Clip art is a generic term for a digital picture or graphic that can be inserted into a document or otherwise used by a program. IT technology is constantly evolving at a superspeed, so clip art has changed a variety of forms and can be found today in countless versions representing any subject conveyable. It can be a simple line design or an elaborate photography, rendered as a raster or a vector graphic image.

Raster images are formed by a grid of pixels and make the most part of computer based and Internet graphics. Vector images are created through digitalized paths, which allows them to be expanded to infinity without ever looking pixelated. They are useful for printing of logos and other visual identity materials.

There are many Clip art galleries, just as there are images themselves and they can contain from only a couple to thousands and thousands of cut and prepared pictures.

The first Clip art appeared with the first official publications, and throughout the 20th century it was done by hand. An appropriate picture would be cut out and then glued onto a piece of paper, where later text would be added. The form got its name from extensive clipping involved in the early process. Although first Clip art images appeared in the early 1980’s, it was only in the early 1990’s that this editorial visual form was generally handled by computers in publishing companies.

The use of Clip art is so vast it can hardly be precisely described by numbers. It is used by individuals and companies, publishers and marketing agencies on all kinds of different projects, from personalized greeting cards to commercially printed and packaged goods.

Stylewise, Clip art can be anything a person might want or need. It is made in numerous formats and with all kinds of content, from holiday themed, to more personally or officially colored examples. While some companies protect clip art series they issue and request a payment for the thematic bunches of digital images, others allow the use of their products for free. Clip art is principally illustrative in nature, and although it can include photographic imagery, it does not encompass stock photography.

Since Clip art covers such a wide spectrum of visuals, it is normally divided into different thematic categories. Categories come in all names and shapes, and titles that can be encountered are Christmas clip art, Halloween clip art, Thanksgiving clip art, Happy birthday clip art and so on.

A lot of the Clip art images are correlated with a specific set of keywords.One image can be described with multiple words, for example a picture of an Easter bunny could have words as “bunny”, “Easter”, “holiday”, “kids” or “eggs” attached to it. The fact that the images are bound to the short key description makes the searchable, and allows millions of users to find exactly what they are looking for.

IT brainiacs and designers did not stop there. Today, virtually every computer has a software area known as clipboard, where any used can save the Clip art of their choice. Clipboard is usually connected to multiple programs, such as Photoshop or a word processor. Microsoft clip art is bound to the most famous administrative program built by the company Microsoft Office Word. It is comprised of a selection of over 140,000 Clip art images available to users at all times. The saved image can also be exported to the Desktop or to any hard disk folder.

How does this pay off, some might think? Well, it just does. The truth is that most of the clip art bundles come free of charge, associated with a certain program or service widely used by the Internet realm. However, the Clip art of higher quality is subject to payment and protected by various laws and terms of use. This is not so worrying in general, because the clipping imagery comes relatively cheap, and a bunch as vast as 10,000 can be bought for as low as $10, which makes Clip art the most affordable form of art in the world.

Clip Art Images

1. Santa Claus Clip art image. Christmas Clip art can be elaborate or simple. This image is funny and it can be upgraded by user.

2. Retro Clip Art is useful for describing everyday situations in an interesting way. This particular selection resembled old school comics.

3. Businesses use Clip art. Something like this can be put in an e mail or a memo for the office, promoting good relationship and style.

4. Birthday Clip art comes in all shapes and sizes. This is an example of a pre-designed B-day card, only text needs to be added.

5. Christmas Clip art image which can be put on any e-card. It has a worn look, so it appears vintage.

6. A board with different examples of Clip art, the usual appearance.

8. Teachers use clip art to for explaining and teaching. It’s a good idea to let them take the useful little pictures free of charge.

9. Vintage and humorous, this black and white Clip art sheet can added to any entertaining document.

10. Trick or treat anyone? A great example of Clip art for Halloween, with kids in costumes.

11. For all Halloween party goers, an invitation is a must. A Clip art like this will make it more fun and appealing.

12. A simple, colorful Happy Birthday clip image will brighten up the whole message.

13. For people who greet with personalized cards, there is a Clip art for every conceivable holiday.

14. Love letters have gone digital, but why not make them even more personal with a nice couple of love bird Clip art.

15. Love Clip art can be handy for those away from their loved ones, but for those who just like to express themselves with customized messages as well.

16. Microsoft Word Clip art board looks approximately like this. Of course, it has a lot more images to it, and users can select any one.

17. MS Office Online Clip art gallery – a place where even more clip images for Microsoft Word can be found and downloaded.

18. Sometimes, styles and holidays mix, so all who care about a certain look may find it useful to know that a fun, vintage and Thanksgiving Clip art exists.

19. For others, who prefer to keep it simple, just a black lined shape of a Thanksgiving turkey is enough to wish their best.

20. Holidays are fun, and a lot of Clip art is as well. Why not make your greetings laughable with a whimsical turkey, pumpkin or another creature!

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