Paintings by Ricardo Sanz

20110319 1 lorena retrato 600x755

Ricardo Sanz is a Spanish artist with a unique style and imagination when it is about the contemporary world of art. His paintings are filled with sensuality, passion and beauty.

20110319 1 chico joven vaqueros camisa blanca1 600x766

20110319 1 se ora y dos jovenes 600x800

20110319 1 se ora olga1 600x783

20110319 1 se or abrigo negro1 600x743

20110319 rs04 600x781

20110319 principes 600x1014

20110319 3 catedratico 600x874

20110319 1 se ora vestido verde 1 600x785

20110319 rc04 600x782

20110319 rs01

20110319 1 se ora vestido salmon1 600x784

20110319 retrato venecia1 600x982

20110319 1 se ora vestido negro 1 600x783

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