Cinematic Photography by Dave Hill

hidingthemap600 400

Dave Hill famous commercial photographer, is born in San Diego and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The effects (mix of HDR and photo illustration) that he applies to his photographs are truly amazing.

Dave doesn’t use a simple Photoshop plugin, he pays particular attention to the lights. His technique requires a combination of good lighting and right moves in Photoshop. We recommend you a visit at his website to see more about his works and also the backstage.

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wetrepublic2010600 400

tre600 400

tobecontinued600 400

theresthebuoy600 400

therescue600 400

thebattle600 400

surya12600 400

shesalmostoutofair600 400

nowofftogetthegoldenlamp600 400

letsgetoutofhere600 400

jeffreestar600 400

gunit600 400

gladiquitmyjob600 400

findingthekey600 400

daxshepard600 400

25600 400

20surya12600 400

three6mafia600 400

wheredidtheytakeher600 400

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