Art Prints by Mads Berg

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Vintage Art Prints by Mads Berg. Mads Berg is a talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mads is widely known for his modern art deco style and vintage graphics. He creates 3-dimensional environments that bares only the essentials which in the end leaves you with simplier illustrations that has a clear message. His way of combining these elements makes his works unique and interesting.

Creativity has always been a great and inspiring part of his life. Mads urge for expressing himself creatively combined with his passionate interest for art led him to illustrate. His great interest is particular in ancient and modern art, and the inspiration he collect from that is really what fuels his fire and makes him want to express his work through illustrations.

2600 856

4600 831

6600 571

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11600 604

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  1. These graphics are very impressive, they have a lovely retro 1920’s feel. Like them a lot!

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