Digital Art by Tony Foti

an eighty percent solution by tony foti600 485
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An eighty percent solution

Tony Foti is a Santa Cruz, CA based freelance illustrator who has created art for such staples of the fantasy genre as Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer and Star Wars. He has won several awards, illustrated for many of the world’s top fantasy games, designed characters and rendered for the video game industry, created ads, book covers, and was has been featured in galleries across the country. He currently resides in sunny California with his wife and laptop.

han solo by tony foti600 513
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Han solo

silverstars by tony foti564 756
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dnd wriggle free by tony foti600 750
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Dnd wriggle free

star wars tcg darth vader by tony foti600 560
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Star war’s tcg darth vader

lotr strider by tony foti600 600
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Lotr strider

dragon dance by tony foti600 600
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Dragon dance

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