Creepy Illustrations by Maxim Veherin

pikachu by verehin600 865
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The creepy illustrations created by Volgograd, Russia based artist Maxim Veherin for some cute charterers (Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, Sponge bob, Bunny) and characters in his concept art.

portrait 6 by verehin600 720
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Portrait 6

bunny by verehin600 851
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hypno skull by verehin600 600
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Hypno skull

sponge bob and patrick by verehin600 697
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Sponge bob and patrick

iultracameplz remake by verehin600 598
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Iultracameplz remake

trashhhh by verehin600 697
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obey the dog by verehin600 610
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Obey the dog

glasses by verehin600 754
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mickey mouse by verehin600 788
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Mickey mouse

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