Beautiful Petrykivka Paintings by Olena Skytsiuk

evening silence olena skytsiuk600 422

Beautiful Petrykivka Paintings by Kiev, Ukraine based artist Olena Skytsiuk. Petrykivka Painting is originated from a small Ukrainian Petrykivka village.

Each art painting consists of thousands of small brush strokes (miniature elements) and creating for a long time. This is unique and unordinary technique decorative art painting. Special handmade paint brushes of cat’s wool (hair) we are using to paint our art paintings.

in fragrant herbs olena skytsiuk600 426

joy olena skytsiuk 498 700

morning colors olena skytsiuk 498 700

startled butterfly olena skytsiuk600 427

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1 in the moonlight olena skytsiuk600 859

1 morning sunny wave olena skytsiuk 510 700

1 reflections of the sun olena skytsiuk 495 700

2 firebird olena skytsiuk 498 700

a bright moment olena skytsiuk 498 700

edge of the sky olena skytsiuk 498 700


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