Mind Blowing Eye Art by Svenja Jödicke

inside glow  print version  by pixiecold600 892

Inside glow print version

Svenja Jödicke is a traditional artist from Berlin, Germany, who has created mind blowing eye art paintings. Svenja loves to paint with different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics and collages. The eyes she created is absolutely fascinating, which can speak with emotions and tell stories…

More Paintings by Svenja Jödicke

splash your day by pixiecold600 465

Splash your day

see the beauty of the nature by pixiecold600 422

See the beauty of the nature

nature beauty by pixiecold600 453

Nature beauty

midnight rose by pixiecold600 414

Midnight rose

love me by pixiecold600 434

Love me

galaxie on sale by pixiecold600 410

Galaxie on sale

frost  printable version  by pixiecold600 800

Frost printable version

flowers  on sale  by pixiecold600 435

Flowers on sale

flowers   speedtutorial by pixiecold600 422

Flowers speedtutorial

cold fire by pixiecold600 874

Cold fire

on sale  by pixiecold600 421

On sale

winter flowers by pixiecold600 450

Winter flowers

white roses by pixiecold600 450

White roses

spring  on sale  by pixiecold600 450

Spring on sale

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  1. Hello, I wanted to contact you to see if you sell any prints of your artwork. If you do please contact me at me email address. I hope to hear from you. Thanks!!

  2. Hi I think the eye is brilliant I have been looking at the picture wondering if u do this eye for ale for me please cud u contact me if I can buy this off you thank you

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