50+ Examples of Paper Texture

35 Watercolour Texture by Summer Moon

watercolor texture

Texture is one of design elements in visual art and web graphics. Paper texture is a visual texture that is able to create retro mood and remind people of deep thoughts or past memories. You may try to use paper textures to give your work a vintage feel as the canvas or background of your work. A sheet of paper could make your artwork and design more impressive.

Paper textures could be crumpled, crinkled, or old paper textures stained by coffee or tee. Some paper textures are computer graphics digitally created by the repetition of certain shapes and also look cool.

How to make paper texture? You can create most of them by yourself and enjoy the process of DIY. There are also a lot of free resources on the net you can use or take as reference. In this post, I will show you 50+ examples of the cool paper textures I came across for your work.

51 Heart bokeh texture

Heart bokeh texture

7 Paper Texture 3 by Insan Stock

paper texture

44 grunge stained paper texture


1 free paper texture

Free paper texturedownload

2 old paper texture

old paper texturedownload

3 Paper texture v5 by bashcorpo

Grungy paper texture
4 free tea stained paper textures

Free Tea-Stained Paper Textures

5 texture 1a by jakezdaniel

Texture 1A
6 random texture by Insan Stock

random texture

8 Paper by struckdumb

paper texture
9 stained paper texture

stained paper texture
10 Crumpled white paper texture by melemel

Crumpled white paper texture

11 Note paper texture by Lady Himiko

Note paper texture

12 Notebook Paper Texture by rkStock

Notebook Paper Texture

13 notebook texture by Xaliaphous

notebook texture

14 paper texture by akinna stock

paper texture

15 Paper by struckdumb

High resolution paper texture

16 Grunge paper texture by arghus

Grunge paper texture

17 Dirty Paper Texture 2 by Katara360

Dirty Paper Texture

18 Vintage paper TEXTURE PACK

Vintage paper TEXTURE PACK

19 crinkled paper texture by chokingonstatic

crinkled paper texture

20 Hand painted poster paint texture by aqueous sun textures

Hand painted poster paint texture

21 Vintage Frame 1 by LastAutumnShade

Vintage Frame 1

22 Texture Recycled Paper by milokey

Texture: Recycled Paper

23 paper textures

Paper Textures

24 Paper Stock 11 by hatestock

Paper Stock 11

25 Handwriting Texture by ValerianaSTOCK

Handwriting Texture

26 Old paper 29 stock by ofruin stock

Old paper texture

27 Old Paper Texture by maladie stock

Old Paper Texture

28 Old Paper textture

Old Paper textture

Air Mail Envelope

30 Aged paper texture by firesign24 7

Aged paper texture

31 paper pack 5 by dierat

Paper Pack 5

32 Paper Texture 4 by Insan Stock

Paper Texture 4

33 Parchment Paper Texture by sinnedaria

Parchment Paper Texture

34 10 Old Paper Textures


36 Texture Tea Stain I by frameofthoughts

Texture: Tea Stain I

37 Memories textures by freaky665

Memories textures

38 Paper Texture

Paper Texturedownload

39 Aged Paper texture

Aged Paper Texturedownload

40 Old paper texture

Old paper texture download

41 Paper Texture Torn Corner

Paper Texture – Torn Cornerdownload

42 Hi Res Light Watercolor Stains on Crumpled Paper Texture

Hi-Res Light Watercolor Stains on Crumpled Paper Texture download

43 grunge stained paper texture


45 Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Paper Texturedownload

46 Blotchy Watercolor Paper by paintresseye

Blotchy Watercolor Paper

47 watercolor 1 by SadMonkeyDesign res

Free High-Res Watercolor Texture

48 square pattern paper texture

square pattern paper texturedownload

49 Sweet hearts paper texture

Sweet hearts paper texture

50 pink hearts bokeh texture by bythebutterfly

pink hearts bokeh texturedownload

52 Splatters of the heart

Splatters of the heartdownload

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