Whimsical Illustrations by Esra Røise

Oslo based freelance illustrator Esra R?ise continues blowing her fans with her elegant and whimsical illustrations. Most of artworks feature young figures with fashionable style or elements. Watercolor is the best to apply a sense of surreal and abstract, evoking one’s interpretation from different angles.


Bookwork – a girl reading the book. The standing bird represents the integration of surroundings and the figure.

Hey Jane

Hey Jane – illustration inspired by the music video of the same name.

An illustration of Okay Kaya wearing Freya Dalsjo. The piece is for the project Mini-editorial for BY:Larm and Natt og Dag. 7 emerging artist were styled in Nordic design for Natt&Dag.

A stylish girl waiting for haircut by a scissor

A stylish girl waiting for haircut by a scissor. The illustration was done for Nylon magazine – a New York based fashion magazine.

Esra R?ise-13

Esra R?ise-17

Esra R?ise-15

Personal Work, Karoline Bj?rnlykke

Esra also creates some personal work occasionaly..,The model here in the work is called Karoline Bj?rnlykke.

A chic girl with long stylish hair

A chic girl with long stylish hair – a commissioned work for Det Nye. The watercolor style only adds charming and a sense of playful.

Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure – the abstract piece represents harmony of human and nature.

Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman – what color works well with black? Purple is always good combination.

Esra R?ise-24

Esra R?ise-25

Esra R?ise-26

Homegirl – a tattooed girl drinking juice

Esra R?ise-27

Esra R?ise-3

A lady with stylish short hair

A lady with stylish short hair. The illustration was done with the Adam&Eva hairdressers last fall, for their spring campaign.

Esra R?ise-5

New work for the newly released PS: Magazine

New work for the newly released PS: Magazine

Esra R?ise-7

Esra R?ise-8

Esra R?ise-9

Esra R?ise-10

Esra R?ise-11

Esra R?ise-16

Esra R?ise-14

Young Lara Stone

London telegraph, Young Lara Stone – Rites of Beauty.

Another fashionable piece done for Nylon Magazine, depicting a girl with counterculture fashion style.

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