25 Creative Bench Designs


Art Installation and Original Urban Furniture: Bench 1000cm

Collection of 25 Creative Bench Designs.


HAUS by Alexander Lotersztain


Baud Collection by Vito Selma

Visual Permeability Pavilion

Velice Lounge by DesignKoalition

Created by I Do Design is the Union Bench

This is the Three Ring Bench by Itre Furniture.

The ZzZen Chair by Fousse

The Segmented Chair by Revol Design

The SARA Armchair by Davide Conti

The Nouveau Lounge by Kate McCreary

The Morro Sofa by deQuinta


The Matet Bench by RaymentWire

The L5 Spine Bench by Marie Khouri

The Atlas Bench by Giorgio Biscaro

The Ray Collection by Stefano Bigi

Sonntag Seating by Tim Kerp

Pile Isle Bamboo Bench by Elena Goray


Philadelphia’s Corian Bench Inventions


OnSite Installations by Sebastien Wierinck

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  1. Choosing the wrong finish can make your project look less beautiful than it should.
    For example, you can switch to a gel stain or a water-based stain instead.
    Usually these projects are easy to do if you understand the

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