30 Engaging Documentary Photos


Documentary photography is when a photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective, and usually candid photography of a particular subject. We’ve compiled a selection of of 30 photos that greatly exemplifies that definition.


A Glimpse of My World by Dennis Bautista

Martha, she ever wants a baby by Groucho

Life in the trash by Jose Ferreira

Reborn by Mehdi Eskandari

3 Look by Zemberek

Fragile Beginning by Wings Photography

She’s gone by Mirjam Delrue

Coexistence by Doron Nissim

Life on the countryside by Oochappan

The Arresting of a Smile by Catalin Parau

Cinema by Denis Buchel

Alone on a dance floor by Nikola Smernic

By Off To War by Steve Hill

Veggy by Tom Hoops

F*** You by Dian Agung Nugroho

The intruder by Laurence Garçon

Friends by Hippolyte

Waiting by Peter Holmström

The man and the bird by Jean-Paul Boulinguet

Futbolin by Manuel Vilches

Close Encounter of The Third Kind. by Al Sheihk

The imaginary groom by Matteo Mignani

Runaway Girls by Gunnisal

Ballet on Canal by Steve Hill

One Day in Victoria Park by FRS Photography

Private Conversation by Richard Ford

Urban Love by Aart de Boer

Kiae by Marcel Rebro

Dark Future by Dennis Bautista

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  1. Powerful! It’s rare to see such thought provoking photography today. I was recently commenting that I grew up with LIFE magazine and its ability to tell stories through photo essays. Thank you for showcasing this collection, is it possible for links to editorial?

  2. I’m so honored to be included in this photo series. Steve Hill is an amazing photographer and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. The ballet dancers in his photo Ballet on Canal are members of the unconventional contemporary ballet company New Bridges Ballet. You can see them performing all over New York City, just like in the photograph. Check them out at http://www.newbridgesballet.com

    Claire Sargenti
    Artistic Director, New Bridges Ballet

    New Concepts. Bridging the Arts.

  3. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but I stumbled on this page after googling the picture F*** You by Dian Agung Nugroho and honestly I have doubts of its authenticity since the little girl’s arm is distinctly different from the rest of her body or the picture, very suggestive of crude photoshop use.
    I’m not too sure about the other so called photographs here too since if you take for example The Imaginary Groom by Matteo Mignani, you can see that the shadow is quite frankly something only achievable by photoshop alone so it kind of casts a shadow (no pun intended) of doubt on the credibility of the other real photographs featured here together.

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