30 Outstanding Photos of Drawings

homeless warrior by Franco Clun

Despite the wide use of digital cameras, people love the pencil drawings that like photos. For artists, what they want to render include emotions, styles and imaginations in their works as well as exact replicas of photographic images.

In this post, I consolidated a collection of 30 outstanding photos of drawings created by talented graphic artists worldwide in great details. Click through the links for more of the pencil art by the artist, and tell us what you think.

daria meadow by franco clun


allure by Sarkis Sarkissian


keira knightley by bereaved


drawing of steve parkhurst by Armin Mersmann


bono u2 by ambr0


hugh laurie by geinen


Diego Fazio


ken hensly ex uriah heep by toniart


beautiful eyes from romania by toniart


jean harlow by Stan Bossard


Dexter morgan by Stan Bossard


Amy_lee_by_tunaferit_by_Tuna Ferit Hidayetoğlu


kirsten dunst by Krzysztof Lukasiewicz


jessica alba by Krzysztof Lukasiewicz


white swan by Anna Maria


charlize by Anna Maria


smile by Vince Helen


her secret by Ken Lee


dirk dzimirsky


dirk dzimirsky


hidden beauty by silentdeath


paul cadden


paul cadden


johnny depp by Marlene Freimanis


lady gaga by Rajacenna


dreamers always dream forever by Rajacenna


taylor swift fearless by Rajacenna


Freckles by Callie Fink


jared leto pencil drawing by Daisy van den Berg


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