35 Amazing Examples of Black And White Photography

As you may have noticed, pencil drawing is one of our favorite topics to showcase. In the mind of artists, the subject for pencil drawing is endless. For example, Portrait Drawing.

Blob on face

People love to draw one’s portrait because the emotion and subtle feelings rendered by the raw media looks real. A good work depends on not only skills but also life experience of the author. In this post, I’m happy to present a collection of 50 examples of realistic portrait pencil drawing.

If you like more, here’s another collection 50 Mind-Blowing Pencil Drawings for your inspiration.

Milla Jovovich

Dean Winchester

Angelina Jolie

Portrait Of David Cook

Arwen’s tears

Jessica Biel

Sam Worthington

Taylor Swift

Elizabeth Taylor Minimal

Will Smith

1scarlett johansson

Gandalf Charcoal Drawing


kristen stewart


Dexter Morgan

Chasing after happiness

Jared Leto

Emmy Rossum

Jared Leto

Hidden Beauty

Keanu Reeves

blackfantastix drawing

Taylor Swift

kristen stewart

Walter Bishop

Olivia Wilde

Milla Jovovich

TogetherApart Zoom

Taylor Swift

Lee Hyori

Drawing of Clint completed


In Her Eyes


Gregory house

Piercing Eyes


KEN HENSLY ex Uriah Heep


Sherlock Holmes

Playful curls – Pencil drawing

Sherlock Close


Vincent Cassel

Moonlight Sonata

Kate Moss


Emma Watson

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