35 Lovely Fox Pictures

What is it that makes people so drawn to cute animals, even if they’re wild? It’s a natural emotional reaction, sometimes referred to as “Bambi Syndrome”, that drives people to want to protect and take care of furry little things, mostly because they look like, or remind us of, babies. Among exotic or wild animals desired to keep as pets, foxes hold one of the leading positions. They have rich, soft and beautiful fur of peculiar red nuance, intelligent facial expressions and elegant posture. However, foxes are wild, and regardless of their adorable look, they are far from pets. Seeing them as such, they are best appreciated through fox pictures.

Snow Fox

Lovely Red Fox

One of the most common fox breeds in the Northern Hemisphere is Red Fox, although grey fox, polar fox, and other fox breeds are often found in different regions as well. One of the more visually appealing varieties is the albino red fox – a completely white animal, with an amazing coat. People see it as a wonderful child of nature, but this animal is actually the result of a genetic flaw. Still, the appeal and charm of foxes is widely appreciated and loved.

The cuteness of a fox or the desire to keep a domesticated one in our homes is the notion of our age. For a very long time, throughout history, fox was considered the enemy, and treated as such. It was the farmer’s worst nightmare, especially in the difficult years, since the woodland creature developed a habit to come down to farms and eat chickens and other small farm animals. It had to survive, and precisely because of this historically proven trait, fox is one of the most adaptable animals in urban environments today. Even if its essential nature is still quite barbaric.

Being intelligent, curious, resilient and cheeky, fox grew into a symbol in many cultures, usually taken as a synonym for ‘cunning’ and ‘trickery’, while in certain folklore beliefs it was considered a magic animal, in possession of special spiritual powers. It’s often said – cunning or clever as a fox, or he/she’s a real fox, meaning the same. Fox can also be an attribute of an attractive woman, but the most general idea of fox character is quick thinking and ability to get out of tricky situations swiftly.

Having a Pet Fox

Having a pet fox is difficult. It’s mostly illegal and taming a wild fox is never advised, because it will keep its feral nature, despite learning how to live among humans. Successful experiments were made in fox domestication, which is changing the nature of the animal through generations on a genetic level, in Siberia, Russia. However, these, the only real pet foxes, are expensive and hard to get a hold of.

Seduced by cuteness, many people desire to keep miniature fox breeds in their home, such as Fennec Fox, but this is hardly ever a really good idea. Bottom Line is – pet selection should be approached with utmost care and regard for the animal’s real character, regardless of the species.

Unfortunately, in some areas of the world foxes are still hunted down for their fur, but this trend is slowly waning.

Finally, fox lovers do not stay short of enjoyment in their favorite animal. Here’s a selection of 35 fox pictures and fox inspired artwork to celebrate this incredible animal from the family of dogs!



Fox Pictures


Master of mysteries



Fox Pictures


Fox Pictures


Fox Pictures


Fox Pictures


Pretty Boy


Renard arctique / Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)




Fox Pictures


Fox Pictures


Arctic Fox





Bad Fur Day (Bye bye winter that never came)


Foxy Love: A Happy Valentine


Fox’ First Snow


Fox jumping






Fox Pictures








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