35 Stunning Macro Photography by Diens Silver

Making love in any other way

Macro photography is close-up photography of usually very small objects by using a lens specifically designed for close work and with a long barrel for close focusing, called a macro lens. The nature of the macro lens is to enlarge the object image from the actual size or magnification. Compared with other types of Photography techniques, Macro Photography is more challenging.

In this inspirational showcase, we’ve collected 35 stunning macro pictures taken by Indonesian based photographer Diens Silver. Diens focused on various natural objects – dews, water drops, flowers, insects. His creative work is meanful as well as beautiful.

Till death do us part

Think about you

Thats what friends are for

Wish me luck

Still hold the dew

Sometime when we touch

Sleepy bee

Out of my minds

Orange lady bug

Only trust your heart

Nice to meet you again

Must you go away

Mother s love

Making love

Lovely in you

Lost soul

Look for something

Life is beautiful

Keep the beauty inside

Joyfull bee

In the mirror

In dreams

Imagine of you

Happnines inside the dews

From heart to heart

Five reds

Feelin blue

Endless love

Drops on flowers

Colorful day

Beauty orange rose by

Absolutely spider

A little dragonfly

Colorful life’s

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