40+ Cute Dog Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo idea has never stopped on the subjects of deep meanings, but it could be animals or pets of everyday life. In the field of animal tattoos, from wild animals, tiger tattoo or lion tattoo, to various sea animal tattoos, tattoo artist could always find ideas to carve and ink unique tattoo designs based on individual conditions and preferences. Tattoo is not only what is trendy to put on ourselves. It is really a best way of expressing yourself what you feel and like by painting something important on the body. For dog lovers who appreciate the love, the loyalty and the friendship with their dogs, it is never regrettable to carve a dog tattoo to leave the memory.

Tattoos were created long ago, 5,000 years ago. As they were once associated with various rituals and religions, today they are most often associated with fashion and love of this art. I used the word art because today the tattoo masters have progressed so much, their technique and equipment have progressed, so they are able to create the right masterpieces on clients bodies. Various symbols, animals, flowers, objects, letters are tattooed, and almost every has its own hidden meaning.

In our gallery this time we will present you tattoos of dogs. Namely, tattooing dogs is now very popular. People often like to immortalize on their bodies a picture of their pet who gave them many happy moments and love. The dog is the best friend of a man and for the largest part of the world, favorite pet. The relationship between a dog and a man goes far in the past. The relationship between dog and man is older than forty thousand years. Today dogs are used to treat various diseases of people such as schizophrenia and autism. When people interact with their dogs, hormone oxytocin, known as the hormone of love, is released. It is also released in dogs, and the relationship between dog and man is getting stronger.

In the Chinese horoscope, the dog is the eleventh sign of zodiac and symbol of both – positive and negative. In ancient civilizations, this animal is linked to the underground, so in the ancient Aztec, the dog led dead through the Great River and underground. In ancient Egypt, the guardian of the dead was Anubis, who had jackals head. The dog was a symbol of death and re-doing, and is always shown in black.

In early Mexico, along with a human sacrifice, a dog was buried to be a guide through the underground, while the Scottish believers believed that the Green Dog lead wet nurse in the hills and so provides milk for the fairy creatures that lived there.

After all, a dog is a man’s faithful friend so it is certainly a symbol of friendship, affection, love. There are in the world around four hundred types of dogs, of which about 150 races. The choice is wide when we talk about what sort of dogs you’ll tattoo. Ladies usually choose very popular tattoos of dog paws on the buttocks and chest.

The dog is the most trusted man’s friend. It does not matter to him whether you are successful, rich and beautiful or not. Dog just need to be loved and to love.

This pet must have been very loved. True artwork on the body.

Labradors are the most popular dogs in the US and France and in the UK they are among the most popular. They are very attached to family and loyal. A great choice for families with children.

German shepherd is the most famous police dog. It’s extremely intelligent so it’s easy to train this dog. German shepherd will be great guardian of your home.

Whether you choose a colorful tattoo or colored tattoo, the picture of a dog will surely attract everyone’s attention.

It’s not important if you have some special dog breed or not, if you love him and take care of him, he will give you measureless love.

This pet will surely fulfill your life. No wonder the owners of dogs after death want to immortalise them on their bodies in the form of tattoos.

After the series of the Game of Thrones in the UK, the problem of abandoned Hacks very similar to wolfs appeared there, as well as all around the world. Namely, people were buying these dogs for pets, but when they saw how much this breed was demanding, they would kick the pet into the street. Siberian Hacks requires a lot of time and effort, but if you are ready to devote them, you will get a great friend for the next fifteen years.

Monochrome tattoos are evergreen, so if you’re not sure which color combination to choose, these monochromes are an excellent choice, no mistake.

Tattoos on the inside of your arm are very attractive, and your pet will always be near you.

Whether you choose a small or large tattoo, remember that the essence is story behind it. It is the most important.

It has been proven that Labrador is an excellent therapist who can return the will to live.

Dogs respond to our feelings, socializing with them can fix the worst day and make it more beautiful.

The dog will always love you unconditionally as your family. You are his best friend and only one. Therefore, it certainly deserves a place on your body except in your heart.

Your pet will always make you smile when you see how happy he is when you return home.

Dogs feel when people are upset and sad, and want to cheer them up.

A lovable puppy

A lovable puppy

Even if you have the most violent breed of dogs, if you keep him with love, he will grow into a loyal friend and a good dog. It’s not about the dog but to the owner.

A very beautiful tattoo showing a friendship of a man and a dog that has been going on for thousands of years.

When you decide to do a tattoo and what kind, the question is on which part of the body. Think well about it.

Even when your pet leaves you forever, he stays in your heart.


The Golden Retriever is one of the most favorite and beautiful breeds of dogs in the world. They are lovely with little children and very loyal.

Rottweilers are considered by many to be dangerous dogs, however, they can be very faithful and loyal if they are proper kept.

Before tattooing, always observe the rules that are necessary, such as not consuming alcohol or aspirin 24 hours before tattooing, an full meal…


Do not attach all tattoo masters hygiene the same character. It is of great importance to choose a professional tattoo masters with whom you will not risk your health.

Tattooing at a place that is clearly visible you will undoubtedly attract attention to yourself. You will receive a lot of support from those who love tattooing, but there will be those who will criticize you. Do not listen, the most important thing is that you are happy.

Informing before the first tattoo is necessary. Such informations are now available to all thanks to the Internet. Do not be lazy, get in touch with everything that confuses you.

If you still dare in that do you really want a permanent tattoo, do the temporary one. You have all the time of this world available.

After tattooing, you can protect the tattoo with a protective foil or gauze. The protective film is kept for a maximum of two hours after tattooing, and the gauze may be longer between 12 and 24 hours.

This is a very beautiful tattoo of interesting colors, it’s a bit mystical thanks to the stars and this shade of blue color.

Choose places on your body where you will do a tattoo carefully, stretch marks can destroy every tattoo, if you plan to give birth to a baby, avoid stomach.

Tattoos can fade over time, especially if they are in a place that is often exposed to the sun.

Tattooing is recommended in winter, although there are no pruning rules. This is due to the fact that in summer we are sweating and the possibilities of infection are greater.

Before tattooing, it is good to check the sensitivity of the skin to avoid different scars.

Never be tattooed under the influence of alcohol in the first salon you find because you are at risk of hepatitis or HIV. Choose a salon where sterile equipment is handled, and where hygiene is strictly observed.

You must have wondered if tattoos can cause an allergic reaction. Yes, it can. It’s not that often, but it’s possible and after several years of tattooing.

Many say that tattooing hurts. It is true that it hurts a bit, but it is not unbelievable pain, would many return to it? Most people who do one tattoo after a while do and second one.

Top painful areas for tattooing are the head, face, chest area, palms, elbows and the area around the ribs and abdomen.

A great tattoo in color is very effective especially in the summer months.

One thing is certain, this man’s friend was very loved.

Although the tattoo is small, the love for this dog was huge.

Choose a carefully tattoo master who is a professional in business. Only such a person will be able to faithfully transfer your pet from the photo to your body.

This is one of the most popular places for tattooing when we talk about ladies.

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