50 Examples of Cute Baby Photography

Baby Photography is cute and adorable. It is the record of the happiest time of one’s life. From newborn, to the 1st call mom, to kindergarten, there are too many such unforgettable moments. It’s a wonderful experience to capture every little milestone when the baby brings joy to family. And both documentary and artistic portraits will help you recall the sweet time all your life.

There are a lot of attentions to shoot baby photography. Here are a few of golden tips if you would like to shoot memorable baby photographs.

  • Be Prepared
  • Find the angles and light
  • Capture sleep, smiles and innocent moments
  • Engage yourself in the story

The last tip is to learn from others. In this post, you will find the wonderful collection of Cute Baby Photography. Let me know which one you get inspiration from on the comment.

Chill time…




Baby photography

Baby photography

Sleeping Ruby

My little cheeky



Baby photography

Stella and Pony

Calm meara



Pumpkin baby

Baby photography

Good night my friend !


Baby photography


Baby photography

Baby photography


Baby photography



Waiting for you

Sweet baby

Baby photography


Brothers love

Little man

The Pure Joy !

The Old Wagon

Sleepy Head


Maybe a berry, Miss?


My little boat

baby photography

What’s your dream about?

Little hedgehog

A happy baby

Together forever

Bunny baby – So cute while she’s sleeping

Virgin eyes

Is this the attitude of a baby?

What a lovely face when Elena eating blackberries

7 days old of baby

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  1. What beautiful photos, quite inspiring to me knowing that whatever I do, nothing will overshadow the beauty of a baby

  2. What a wonderful selection of child photography. Junior blue eyes is my favourite.
    Thank you for making my day.

  3. This is such a lovely collection of cute baby photos. Babies make the best subjects and there are so many different ideas out there. Personally I love photographing babies of all ages, it is heaps of fun.

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