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Little Prince and rose tattoo

The Little Prince is in third place in the world’s best-selling book of all time. That’s why little prince tattoo becomes popular among the fans of the character.

Years go by, one after another. Years pass in speed of light. This morning we played with a Barbie or a bow and arrow, went on a quest for Atlantis in the woods near the house or looking for dinosaur egg with a friend. And then we are already grown up, scowling with folder and briefcase in hand passing the street because we’re late for fifth meeting today. A long time ago an interesting question remained in my memory: What would the child we were told about a man in which we become? Think about that.

The child in us disappears when we encounter some serious things and problems in life. We forget that every problem must have a solution and that in the end the most important is that we are alive and well. And if you want to be calm, placid, happy, you have to preserve that little kid inside you. We must not forget our dreams and our principles on which we are brought up. Most secret desires of the heart we do not have to tell anyone. In honor of these most secret desires in life, many people have done tattoos and immortalized them on their skin. One of my favorite books for children and older people too is ,, The Little Prince ” written by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry.

The Little Prince is an ode to the child in us and tells us that that child we should never neglect and discard. Love, friendship, honesty, work and the truth should be the basic values in human life. Children are more honest than a grown man, and their soul is unspoiled because it is still not met all the bad things that are happening in the world and are unaware of the numerous accidents that encounters a grown man.

This famous French writer in his book unveils the little prince as a boy who was from outer space came to Earth with a sword and in the suit of prince. When he was leaving his planet he left a red rose, which he cherished, because he wanted to discover new things. Red rose in the novel symbolizes love and true friendship that today in the world is difficult to gain and easy to lose. While traveling he met different creatures and learned a lot about life.He saw that he misses his rose on the planet B-612 very much and that more and more is thinking about her and how she was injured after he had left her.

If you have not read this book as a child, it is never too late – no matter how many years you have. Read it and you will understand from where the people gain the idea that the little prince, his rose, fox, planet and stars immortalize on their skin. How did they do it, you will see in the gallery!

This tattoo is not so complicated, but it symbolic is great and wide. The only detail in color is red rose.

Little Prince Tattoo

The little prince illustration tattoo

The little prince illustration tattoo

Colorful Micro Tattoos By Eden Kozokaro

Essential things that matter most in life are invisible, they can not be bought. That are love, friendship and honesty.

Watercolour the little prince tattoo

Little Prince and rose tattoo

Little Prince Tattoo 1

Rose and the little prince tattoo

Fascinated by this book people do tattoos with its main characters, according to its most famous artwork. You must understand the heart of this book.

Creative Ear Tattoo

Fox is a faithful companion of the little prince in the book and it was inspired by a desert fox. Desert foxes live in the Sahara and North Africa.

Jean Charles de Castelbezak is a fashion designer whose collection spring / summer 2011. was inspired by this hero.


This tattoo does not occupy a large area of the skin so that it is practical to do in any part of body. Over 200 different covers of this famous book for all ages exist.

Little Prince is counted in the hundred best books in the 20th century, according to the French daily ‘Le Monde’ ‘, it has been translated into 250 languages and dialects.

There are a lot of wise thoughts and sentences in the book, so if you like some very much, or you find yourself in it, tattoo that. Why not?

No superfluous lines, no superfluous color, a tattoo is discreet, correct and very much says. It has a symbolism, what is very important and nice.

Spending more time on Earth, a little prince increasingly missed his rose on the planet B – 612 which he left in search for new experiences. Slowly he realized that rose was actually quite sufficient to him… One, must before deciding on abandonment someone or something that was built a long time, to rethink, perhaps it still is worth a lot just he does not see it.

The colors of these tattoos are magical as the book itself. The book will return you to the time when you were child, and in the most secret corridors of your soul that you have suppressed.

Your dreams and your true wishes are the most important. Indulge yourself and step on to them, only in that case you will be truly happy, and if people say you’re wrong, do not listen to them. The best time spent is the time in which we walked toward our dreams, no matter whether we achieve them.

For big fans of even bigger tattoos in color here are idea motivated by The little prince. Strong and effective colors of the tattoo, will rarely leave anybody indifferent.

The book speaks of Baobab trees which symbolizes the Nazis who wanted to rule the world. Baobab tree originating from Madagascar, the Middle East and Africa in the book devours the earth with his roots, .

Little Prince shows us the absurdity of life of adults who have forgotten the child in themselves!

Small tattoos on back actually up on the neck, are very sexy and seductive.

As we can see, in these tattoos motivated by Little Prince dominates the colors such as blue, purple, turquoise blue – the colors reminiscent of magic, fairy tales and dreams.

Fox was a friend of the Little Prince. Fox showed him the beauty of a real friendship, commitment and love. She taught him what it means to tame something or someone and pointed him to the responsibility he has towards the rose that he left.

All people resemble each other, are burdened by similar concerns and obligations. Dreams of children are different and make them unique, each child is a unique little man with his wonderful limitless dreams.

Discrete but effective tattoo above the ankle. Rose is a red – symbolizing love and other colors except black and red don’t exist.

Most often people realize how much something mean to them only when they run it. Thus, the Little Prince had to leave his rose to realize how much she really means to him!

Below the elbow on the inside of the hand, this tattoo can be very tempting.

Rose symbolizes true friend in this book, because the Little Prince met a lot of roses, but not one of them was not important as his roses. So in life, a man meets a lot of people, but few truly touch his lives.

On the beach, this tattoo will surely be noticed when you drop the swimsuit.

The narrow vertical tattoo along the spinal column is a common choice of ladies all over the world.

This lady tattooed a very nice and strong thought from the book ”The Little Prince”: ” The heart can see well, what is most important can not be seen with the naked eye. ”

Here’s how small tattoo of the little prince looks high on thigh.

Small clear lines tattoo in one color is always nice and discreet choice.

In the city Tarafny in the country of Morocco, there is a museum dedicated to Exupery who has lived in this city for two years. In the Japanese city of Hakone there is also a museum dedicated to little Prince.

When we talk about this we can not say that this is only children’s books. This book has a philosophical moment and points to the importance of human freedom. Even adults are constantly returning to this book.

In the modern world people are alienated, envious, devoted only to himself, selfish. On the horror of such a situation Exupery points in his work.

Nicely mixed two colors – blue and purple, which are always interesting combination.

Always consult with a tattoo master about tattoos that you want to do, only on that way it will be nice decoration of your body.

In today’s world the value system is quite low down, and people often pay great attention to material things. This is wrong, material things do not hug, and it can not cliff us when we are sad.

Many people may not understand why you tattooed characters from children’s books and it will be weird to them. However, do not worry about it, the essence can’t everyone understand.

Soft colors of this tattoo and instructive words from book can only enrich your life.

Be sure to treat tattoo in first days properly, primarily because of health but and because of its future look. How you will treat the best your tattoo consult your tattoo artist.

Few people can truly touch your heart sincerely, so very carefully, beware that person and cultivate your relationship.

Trust to your heart and your inside feelings, because they rarely scams us.

A small tattoo on the inside of the hand is very beautiful and fashionable detail of many urban girls.

Little Prince and his friend on Earth – a desert fox.

Little boy alone on this planet more and more misses his friend – a red rose on another planet.

You can be in the most populous city in the world with a thousand acquaintances, go to parties, work, coffee with friends, but still missing one person who is deep in your heart.

Tattoo of gentle tones with even more beautiful symbolism is a good choice of romantic souls around the world.

If you like message of this book that we told you and you still haven’t read book, get it and read. Awake the child in you.

The dimensions of these tattoo is small, but the message is very important and significant.

Seductive and simple tattoo on back. Little prince sits alone in a world full of people, and longs for what really means to him – his rose!

Messages that we tattoo on our bodies will last our whole life so it should be very strong and wisely selected.

Love is the greatest feeling in the world. This is why every your day need to be filled with love. Tell everyone in your heart that you love them and the world will instantly be more beautiful – for both, you and that person!

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