55 Incredible Ear Tattoos

Tattoo lovers certainly want that their artwork be visible and to walk the streets proudly. We have seen earrings and ear piercings many times and they are not so interesting anymore. Summer is coming and the right time for many exhibitions. Tattooing behind the ear is a trend in the world, apart from being an interesting place for tattooing, it also looks very attractive and striking. It is up to you to choose whether you want a tattoo around the ear, under the ear – almost on the neck, or on the ear itself. Tattoo motifs can be different, from small drawings to striking images with clear symbolism. This type of body art will definitely be a hit this summer.

One of the most beautiful and original places for tattooing is the ears. However, go to the salon armed with patience, because these tattoos can be very painful, and only the tattoo master often has to take breaks during work in order for the tattoo to be completed successfully. The reason of that is a bone that is very close to the skin.

Most often, ladies choose flowers as an ornament for their ears. However, there are many choices. Aspirin intensifies bleeding so avoid taking aspirin 24 hours before going for a tattoo. Be sure to tell your tattoo artist if you have an infectious disease, low blood pressure, chronic illness, skin problem…

If you wanted to get a tattoo soon, but you didn’t know where and what, take a look at our gallery that we have carefully chosen for you and think, maybe this summer, instead of earrings, decorate your ears with a tattoo. Some will like your choice, some will not, but it is certain that it won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The discreet and sensual tattoo behind the ear is very feminine. The red color gives it a special note of sophistication.

This skull tattoo will look scary to some, sexy to some. We all carry something within us and have our own view of things.

For those who are in love with music and who can’t imagine a day without music, notes and music scale are always the top choice.

A violin key as a tattoo will be worn by a strong lady with a very tender heart…

Flowers and women are inconceivable one without other. The flower is a symbol of tenderness and love, the best feelings and qualities.

A simple discreet bird tattoo in black. Birds can also symbolize freedom, because they can fly anywhere, they have their own wings and that is all they need.

If you are mysterious, think about the black cat, star dust, the moon…

Earrings are outdated, just like piercings. Decorate your ear with a small seductive tattoo.

According to feng shui, the peacock brings happiness. This bird with gorgeous feathers symbolizes pride, beauty, longevity…

The small bow in the upper corner of the ear is cute and attractive at the same time.

For braver members of the stronger sex, larger and effective tattoos around the ears will be an interesting stamp to the overall look.

Research has shown that around 60 million Europeans are tattooed. Since 2003, the percentage of tattooed people has been constantly increasing.

Tattoos are created by injecting ink into the deeper layer of the skin and it is expected to last a lifetime. So choose your drawing carefully.

It is very important to go to a proven and good tattoo artist who uses quality inks.

About 80% of the pigments used in the production of inks are of organic origin, of which 60% are azo pigments. When exposed to the sun, these azo pigments release aromatic amines that can be carcinogenic.

Most inks are imported from the USA, where regulations in ink production are more lenient than those in Europe Union.

One of the novelties in the world is a vegan tattoo that is done with non-animal-based ink.

Here’s an interesting fact, which you may not have known. During the tattooing process, a variety of substances of animal origin are used, starting with lanolin paper.

Non-vegan tattoos contain glycerin, which comes from animal fat, gelatin that comes from hooves, bone soot – which enhances color, shellac – which is obtained from insects.

Dandelion is a symbol of summer, unity, peace, hope, warmth of home, but also childhood. Many believe that dandelions bring good luck.

The soles of the feet on the ear look very sweet and gentle.

Music headphones will be chosen only by those who sincerely love music.

Between the mind and the heart one needs to think about who to listen to. Some say that it is only right to listen to the heart. . .

When you have a tattoo on this part of your body, you don’t have to worry about putting on earrings.

A carefully chosen tattoo is a beautiful decoration on the body, it is modern and can be very sexy.

The bow in the upper corner of the ear is a great ground for a piercing which is already nothing extravagant and new.

Flowers are nice detail for ladies both on dresses, jewelry, shoes and or the skin itself.

Many tattoos have their own meaning. The symbolism of the rose has changed over the centuries. Today, the red rose signifies love, infatuation, romance.

The rabbit is a symbol of dawn, a new beginning. If you have almost crossed paths with the past, consider this drawing.

Fish are a common choice for a tattoo, they have deep symbolism and history.

Miracles happen to those who believe in miracles. Here is an interesting tattoo motivated by the famous fairy tale about Peter Pan.

Different fish have different symbolism, carp means courage and happiness, shark – power, dolphin – friendship… Think about it.

Birds have always attracted attention and sent a strong message. they most often signify freedom. For the Vikings and Goths, birds of prey were a symbol of conquest, for example.

You can also paint a new beginning, faith and hope with a spring branch of a tree full of flowers.

A small butterfly in a red-black color combination will stand nicely behind every woman’s ear.

This tattoo is a bit dark and mysterious but right choice for members of the braver group of the gentler sex.

You should always send messages of love, in any way. The way we are able to.

Letters, verses, messages that motivate you and are carefully chosen can rarely be the wrong choice.

Color tattoos are interesting and effective. Which color combination you choose of course depends on the image you want, choose carefully.

It doesn’t matter with words or drawings, it is only important to send messages of love because there is too much bad news in the world today.

An interesting drawing that continues from the head to the ear, with an almost invisible transition. Choose experienced tattoo artists.

As scary as it may seem to some, dragons are one of the most common choices for drawing. No matter how many times we have seen a dragon, we always admire the new one.

The song nourishes the soul and the body. Who loves music, loves people too. Music is a medicine when we are sad, and it makes happiness greater when we are satisfied.

People choose a special charisma choose a tattoo of a star, or a whole series of stars. The star is a symbol of success, brilliance, glamour…

A four-leaf clover brings good luck, so maybe it would bring it to you too. The tattoo is small, it can easily be covered with hair when you want to try it, maybe it will bring you luck too.

Different styles of tattooing exist. The oriental style is exotic. Swirling shapes and figures from Eastern mythology intertwine in it.

Drawings like this are a kind of evergreen in the world of body art. It never goes out of fashion and it is always popular. Their popularity is not waning.

Tattoos of Asian letters are one of the most current in the world. However, many people do not know their real meaning, but choose them based on appearance.

A small decorative tattoo like curved twigs with leaves behind the ears can refresh your look, just as a walk in nature refreshes our soul.

After doing the tattoo, it is very important to follow the instructions given by the tattoo master. This way, the infection will be avoided and the tattoo will adapt nicely to the skin.

For those who live by the sea or ocean, or for those who can’t wait for a vacation to go to the coast, sea details are a great solution.

This tattoo requires the skillful hand of a tattoo artist who knows how to do shading beautifully.

The owl represents wisdom. The owl is a very popular detail on clothes, jewelry and other fashion accessories.

Since the world began, black cats have not left anyone indifferent. Throughout history, there are those who hated and killed cats, but also those who glorified them. There were no indifferent people.

Here’s another idea on how to get a tattoo with pictures of birds. In a row, one after the other, spread wings will be a beautiful decoration of your neck when you pick up your hair.

Here is where you can also tattoo the name that we want to immortalize on the skin, in addition to the fact that it is already immortalized in our heart.

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