65+ Bathroom Tile Ideas

Creative bathroom tile ideas allow us to produce a quasi-infinite series of places and spaces. Walking through a path of combinations, colours and shapes, bathrooms have slowly become rooms where people feel comfortable.

A bathroom is now an intimate, private and relaxing place. It is a deeply personal universe that mirrors characters and personalities, a caring landscape that welcomes steamy showers, long baths, beauty sessions and much more.

Meanings and emotions attached to this particular environment, however, would be very different without the material qualities of a bathroom. In other words, the way in which we feel when we enter this private place is truly produced and mirrored by the materials, the shapes and the colours that we touch and see. This is why bathroom tile ideas have become such a revolutionary presence in our imagination.

Porcelain and marbles, wood and ceramics, there is no limit to the materials that can be used nowadays in a bathroom. Colours are free to meet in the most incredible patterns: warm or cold, classy or joyful… what really matters is simply the personality they represent. And what about drawings and shapes? On one hand, many designers choose to find inspiration in urban fashion and casual forms, although vintage and minimalist styles are still very appreciated.

On the other hand, it is now possible to step into bathrooms filled with mosaics and pictures, sculptures and paintings. Between the most minimalist and the most eccentric bathrooms there is a list of unique places, produced by beautiful bathroom tile ideas.

It is quite impossible to describe the importance of having a room of this kind, a place for ourselves, a home within our homes, where relaxations is not only welcomed but it is also promoted. A scene behind the scenes, our own bathroom.

A room that mirrors your wisdom.

 A multitude of small tiles, a traditional bathroom.

Blue Glass Gradient Shower Tiles

 Cold leaves floating on a white ocean.

Wood tile

 A touch of lightness and happiness: what colours can do.

Black subway wall tile in Modern Victorian bathroom

 A mix of patterns and styles, an eclectic wall.

 A modern, white bathroom.

 An ocean of colours and shapes.

 A floral pattern: welcome the forest.

 A circle of beauty.

 A clean design, a beautiful room: quite relaxing.

 A rustic atmosphere for a charming bathroom.

 An open space, the wind is blowing…

 Pure energy and light, a celebration of warmth.

 Lost in the blue, you’ll find the perfect bathroom.

 A perfectly organised space, a casual pattern.

 A journey through beauty.

 A path running though your bathroom.

 When boundaries are broken.

 Stability via little squares.

 Are you looking for pure class? Here it is.

 The reign of marble.

 In a bathroom, in the middle of the city.

 Breaking the spatial rules, a revolutionary design.

 A country house: pure magic.

 Welcome the unexpected in your bathroom.

The beauty of randomness. 

When glass dominates the scene.

Where neoclassicism meets pop art.

More than a shower, a temple.

A room made for the care of the self.

A step towards a psychedelic world.

A triumph of beauty and cleanliness.

Break the boundaries and the rules.

A shower for two, a bathroom for everyone.

Order above everything else.

When geometry plays with your senses.

From an expressionist movie to your bathroom.

Flowers hiding in the white sea.

Between vintage and aristocracy.

Wilderness enters the room quietly.

Shiny stones for your shower.

Small tiles and clean cuts: what a bathroom!

When patterns become art.

The paradise of small tiles.

Simple patterns or leaves?

Roses and wood, pure warmth.

More than a bathroom: a window.

Flowers falling on a pure space.

A shower breaking the space, warm colours, modern shapes.

Let the sunshine in.

A snake or a vortex?

What wood can do.

An unexpected wall, a room that widens your horizons.

Vaguely victorian, surely charming.

Clean and pure, a bathroom for those who love sobriety.

When patterns define a space.

More than a shower, a masterpiece.

Stones and statues, wood and lights: can you really ask for more?

Choose black and white, and it will be just fine.

A 3D version of classic bathroom.

Plants and shadows produce the most incredible ensemble.

An ocean of leaves, a universe of beauty.

Comfort and luxury met in this bathroom.

A few drops of turkish beauty.

A touch of vintage and everything shines.

A garden on your bathroom floor.

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  1. Own a 1905 Victorian Home and have started renovation projects. The lavatory is small, looking for ways to maximize the space. Like the idea of removing the current bathtub for a walk in shower.
    Researching at this time.

  2. i have a 1925 colonial home with a small powder room and two other bathrooms that need help too, any ideas?

  3. This really helps as we just purchase an 1905 Victorian Home. The lavatory is outdated and looking for ways to maximise space yet at the same time make it functional.
    Thank You for these ideas.

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