Abstract Paintings by Jaison Cianelli

Rise of the divine feminine

Jaison Cianelli is a self-taught artist based in New Boston, NH. Cianelli specializes in large colorful abstract art paintings and abstract landscapes using acrylic paint, mixed media, as well as a digital medium. His work is expressed with spirit and spontaneity from emotions within and touches upon a familiar resonance that is inspired by patterns and color compositions in nature.


In his abstract art works he is interested in soothing colors, waves of light, and layered movement that evoke feelings and positively impact the senses. The creative process for each piece of art often goes down its own meandering course as he interweaves positive thoughts with creative intuition to produce artwork with harmonious energies that have an underlying current of transcendence, balance, and oneness with the whole of creation.


Crashing wave

Hand heart

Eloquence abstract art

Feel joy

Moving with spirit


Spiral wave

Tree of life

Walk on water abstract art

Autumn falls

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