Back Portrait Paintings by Sabine Liebchen

Sabine Liebchen is a contemporary artist from Germany. Sabine Liebchen’s hyper realistic fugitive paintings are mostly back portraits of figures portrayed from behind. Faces are not the motifs the artist has interest in. She’s experimenting to convey abstract concept from essentials of the anonymous individuals.

Sabine Liebchen-15

Sabine Liebchen-1

Sabine Liebchen-17

Sabine Liebchen-16

Sabine Liebchen-14

Sabine Liebchen-13

Sabine Liebchen-12

Sabine Liebchen-11

Sabine Liebchen-10

Sabine Liebchen-9

Sabine Liebchen-2

Sabine Liebchen-8

Sabine Liebchen-7

Sabine Liebchen-6

Sabine Liebchen-e5

Sabine Liebchen-4

Sabine Liebchen-3

Sabine Liebchen-2

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