Awesome Birds Photography by Jen St. Louis

Eastern screech owls

Jen is a mostly self-taught photographer based in Ontario, Canada, currently lives in Waterloo area. Jen has loved taking pictures since she was given her first camera the Christmas when she was nine years old.

Jen’s true passion is travel photography as you’ll doubtlessly figure out from her galleries, which contain images from Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Tunisia, and the USA. Birds is an big part of her portpolio. Here’s fantastic shot of birds photography.

Barred owl

Barn owl

Barn owl

American tree sparrow

American kestrel

Northern cardinal

Male rubythroated hummingbird

Juvenile male rubythroated hummingbird in flight

House finch

Golden eagle

Eastern screech owl

Young whitecrowned sparrow on cleome

Snowy egrets

Redwinged blackbird

Northern cardinal 9 explored

Peregrine falcon

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