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  1. Hello Marta:
    I’ve recently came across your work online and really like many of your images.

    As an art director for book development here at American Girl, I’m looking for a new illustrator to re-illustrate our historical character book covers.

    I’m currently asking illustrators to redo a book cover for us for a fee. This sample illustration will not be published, and it is only for us to see how our characters are interpreted and finding a good working relationship with an illustrator. I would like you, Marta to create a sample illustration for us. Art direction and reference would be provided.

    Here’s what we’re doing: Over the next 1-2 months we are asking a variety of illustrators to create cover samples for us. There may also be a second request to create another paid sample when we narrow down our illustrator choice. The chosen final illustrator(s) can expect to create anywhere from 3 to 30 historical character book covers, plus interior illustrations as needed. This cover series will probably take one to two years to illustrate.

    We are prepared to pay $1000.00 for a cover illustration sample. It would be great if you could create a sample illustration in the next 2-3 weeks.The chosen final illustrator for our book series will be paid a higher fee per image.

    American Girl is looking to give a new fresh look to our historical books, and your work is very beautiful.

    May we continue this discussion?

    Susan Walsh
    Art Director – Book Development
    American Girl


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