1. Im tired of this bullshit. Where are the Latina’s, Asians or Ebonies??? White women aren’t the only beautiful women on this fucking planet. Jeezus Christ!!

  2. Yes. White women are the most beautiful. Most blacks already know this fact. So…..find another site and quit your bitching!

  3. Jerry, That’s a lovely complement to us “white” women. The validity of that statement is up for debate, but one thing is true and certain: Of all races, “white” women (particularly natural blondes) are the ones to age the fastest (due to their fair skin being the thinnest and having the least protection)…… Try guessing the age of Black, Hispanic, or Asian woman; if they take care of themselves even a little, they don’t age!

  4. I am Blonde hair and Blue eyed… They are extrordnary, very beautiful but Brunettes have us beat they are beyond georgous… my brother is a beautiful Brunette. sorry fellow blondes…

  5. Wonderful comments. Especially the ones about white supremacy. Looks like this site is mostly visited by brain dead morons.

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