Bird Street Art by L7m

L7m Sao Paulo-19

L7m, was born in the countryside of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1988 and showed great interest in art. Now he was an artist fascinated in street art using mixed techniques of china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. Many of his works are presented with various styles of birds, which is his representation to reflect the human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city’s disarray, the neglect and the surroundings.

L7m Sao Paulo-20

L7m Sao Paulo-21

L7m Sao Paulo-2

L7m Sao Paulo-3

L7m Sao Paulo-4

L7m Sao Paulo-5

L7m Sao Paulo-6

L7m Sao Paulo-7

L7m Sao Paulo-8

L7m Sao Paulo-9

L7m Sao Paulo-10

L7m Sao Paulo-11

L7m Sao Paulo-12

L7m Sao Paulo-13

L7m Sao Paulo-14

L7m Sao Paulo-15

L7m Sao Paulo-16

L7m Sao Paulo-17

L7m Sao Paulo-18

L7m Sao Paulo-1

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  1. Amazing!!! Just Gorgeous and very creative, I really love this type of work of. Thanks a lot for sharing the work of this amazing artist.

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