Caricature Illustrations by Rodney Pike

A parody

Rodney Pike is a humorous Illustrator with a lifetime of experience in fine art and graphic design and digital illustration. Rodney offers photo-manipulated Illustrations of all sorts specializing in photo-manipulated caricature illustrations, humorous illustrationi and political satire, perfect for magazines, books, etc. His clients include companies such as FHM Magazine, Tennis Magazine, Bauer Media, Miller Publishing Group and Catchphrase Entertainment.

Thom yorke


The black baron


Sylvester stallone ii


Steven spielberg




Rapper jay z






Napoleon sarkozy


Napoleon dynamite


Leslie nielsen remembered


Jay z ii


Hugh laurie house md


Hosni mubarak job hunting


George clooney


Gareth bale


Charlie watts of the stones


Barack hussein obama ii


Alan greenspan iii

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