A Chic Apartment in Germany

This visualization of a chic apartment in Germany was designed by Alexander Zenzura, which is based on a neutral color palette, and a style that is both hip and elegant.

It is all about knowing how to joggle with the space given in order to make it seem more spacious that it is. But Alexander Zenzura knew that already when he started designing this stunning Germany apartment. The living room, dining room and the kitchen are all gathered in the same area. Except for the greenery, there’s no need of color, as the beiges used look very chic and modern. In the trying of creating the illusion of a bigger space, the designer strategically placed floor to ceiling mirrors in the dining room.

The master bedroom must be one of the most spectacular rooms. The tall ceiling is completed by that stunning chandelier and, suddenly, the room feels so much bigger. For that impression contributes the little furnishing, too. The soft carpet, the bed, the oversized pillows don’t do anything but conferring the comfort it is need in here. Elegance continues in the bathroom, only the children’s bedroom making an exception and being designed in bright fun colors.

















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