Chalkboard Yearbook Portraits

Sick and tired of the cliche backdrops and awkward posing that yearbook photographers almost always incorporate, these Russian high school students have imagined their own innovative photography techniques.

By using something as simple and customizable as a chalkboard, these teens were able to dream up their own backdrops and were encouraged to pose in whatever manner they chose. The result are more personal, endearing and amusing yearbook photos.

Perhaps even more importantly, this charming approach to photography will likely drive up yearbook sales. After all, wouldn’t anyone love to show their grandchildren these impressive shots? Not only are they funny, but they manage to simultaneously describe each student’s interests, passions and ambitions. If anything, this could mean we’ve seen the last of forceful, weird yearbook photographers—one can only hope.

















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  1. The ones posing with the G3 background – they seem to appear to have the need to look smart.

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