Conceptual Illustrations by Mark Fredrickson

Mark Fredrickson is one of the finest and talented conceptual Artists from Tucson, Arizona. He studied in Chattanooga and learns drawing and photography. His works shows inspirational and motivational illustration. He got many awards from his intensely dramatic and distinctively distorted but realistic illustrations.

Mark’s distinctive style has garnered many awards and has been featured in numerous award publications including Communication Arts Illustration Annuals, Society of Illustrators Annuals, Print, Graphis, Idea, Airbrush Action, Art Directors Annuals, and Hot Air.

















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  1. The one with the girl with tatoos is inspired by The Illustrated Man (a Ray Bradbury book), isn’t it?

    • No, It’s inspired by Groucho Marx’s rendition of the song, “Lydia the Tattooed Lady.”
      And now the old boy’s in command of the fleet, ’cause he went and married Lydia!

      Mark A. Fredrickson once played a pretty mean trumpet too.

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