Conceptual Photography by Karrah Kobus

Karrah Kobus is an amazing photographer based in Minneapolis. Her talent is evident in her creative and conceptual photographs which always touch one’s soul and have an extreme sense of surreal. Karrah’s photography is rich, dynamic, simple, powerful, both strong and weak, sad and joyful.

All my life i lived in a bubble

Rest your tired wings




Waiting for the world to swallow me whole


Ill give you winter if you wish


With no ship to keep me afloat


No masks no costumes


All the keys are stuck


Only as clean as the soul you keep




Not lonely when im alone


No directions necessary


Just leave me your feathers to remember you by


It was cold but we were warm


I will go until my heart stops


I set them all free


I may have memorized the shape of your body


I felt the breeze of your soul and it was cold


Going down


F ever you trickle down through the clouds


Everything shatters


Absent minded




Where everything collides


Upon a distant ripple


Until proven guilty


Stopping to breathe when theres no oxygen left


Soggy truths and foggy lies


Slumping homes and jumping ship


Running on empty

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  1. Hello my name is Maly Vue and I am located in Saint Paul, MN. I am having a wedding in August 8, 2015 and am very interested in your photography. So hopefully you are not booked on that day and hope to hear back from you soon! :)

    Maly Vue

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