Daily Paintings by Ali Cavanaugh

Waiting for a new perspective g

Ali Cavanaugh was born in St. Louis in 1973 and has worked as a professional artist for 15 years. Her compositions are strong and intuitive, thanks not only to being a wife and mother but also to the variations in her experience—such as hearing loss—that made her adapt to and recreate the world around her.


Cavanaugh developed a process best described as neo fresco secco, where she applies watercolor to plaster panels; her figures often are accentuated by stark white negative spaces. Fascinated by the dichotomy of the seen and unseen in the human condition…body and soul…Cavanaugh’s art brings to light the complexity within contemplation. Her signature poetic titles are part of this engaging discourse.

The water surrounds a space that I keep to myself


Reassembling of thoughts to complete and understanding

Reassembling of thoughts complete the segment

Luminous dwelling

Luminous dwelling


Listening without hearing


Incomplete circumstance

Establish a small area of simplicity

Encompass the second occasion

A brilliant time past study

A brilliant overlay

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  1. I’m very curious about the positioning of the arms and the stockings. Works for the composition.

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