Digital Paintings by Henning Ludvingsen


Henning Ludvigsen, was born in Holmestrand, Norway, a small town one hour south of Oslo.

Today the large award winning Norwegian artist is living with his Swiss girlfriend and fellow artist Natascha Roeoesli.

He still takes on many side projects and has worked and provided artwork for many big names such as Fantasy Flight Games, Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop), Burton Snowboards, Eidos, and also writing articles for ImagineFX magazine (Future Publishing). When he is not working the Norse artist enjoys all kinds of board games including the role playing variety, music, and, of course, the quaffing of copious amounts of beer!

battlestations navygirl

battlestations airgirl

battlestations subgirl

skyfestival autumn

skyfestival summer

skyfestival valentine

the ascend

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