Digital Portraits of Celebrities by Sheridan Johns

Kim coates sons of anarchy v2

Digital Portraits of Celebrities by Sheridan Johns. Sheridan is an Australian freelance illustrator who has been studying forms of Digital Art since 2003. After graduating high school, she continued her studies of Design and Illustration for 2 years, earning a diploma within the field of arts. During those years, she was able to explore realism, apply new techniques and work with different artistic styles.

She prefers to work around literal imagery with rather simple compositions and ideas; mainly within the area of picture books, graphic novels or promotional material.

Tim roth lie to me

Hit girl

Dylan mcdermott

Jonah king drive angry

Till lindemann rammstein

The boy who lived

Soa charlie hunnam

Sean bean portrait


Michael madsen

Harvey keitel

Gene hunt dci

Amber heard drive angry

Dr lightman

Craig ferguson ver 2

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