Digital & Traditional Art by Qinni

Qinni or Qing Han is a brilliant Chinese artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a graduate of a BAA-Animation program and is currently a freelance illustrator, layout, painting and background artist.

Although she is not taking commissions at the moment due to some health issues, she continues to make more beautiful illustrations.

Although majority of her artworks are digital art, she also uses other traditional mediums like watercolor, pencil and gouache. Hopefully. Her heart surgery will become successful so that she will be able to continue creating more intricate artwork to both awe and inspire others.

If you would like to see more of her work, visit her portfolio here: her website.

The Avatars by Qinni
Black Rock Shooter by Qinni

The Bride by Qinni

Dia De Los Muertos Day Of The Dead by Qinni

Hello There by Qinni

MoonRiver by Qinni

The Little Mermaid - Price Of Being Human by Qinni

To Catch The Moonfish by Qinni

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