Fairy Tail: Wizards and Dragons

Hype is one word that can describe how this Anime hit not only all of Japan but the world as well. Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル) has now become a household name to hundreds and thousands of fans from all over the globe. What makes this Anime special? Some say it’s because of the story, the plot. While others say it’s because of the characters, while some say it’s because of the art. Everyone has their own reasons to love it, and it can take one from each category mashed into a single Anime that makes it appealing to fans of all ages and all races.

Originally a Japanese comic or manga created by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail began as a comic published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine back in December 2006. Under Kodansha, the manga has been placed in the Shōnen category which meant it was targeted for young boys. Not long A-1 Pictures and Satelight began producing Anime series’ of the manga. Apart from the still ongoing manga and Anime, Fairy Tale has had six OVAs (Original Video Animations) and an animated feature. If that isn’t popular then what is? As of the moment there has been an announcement of newer series to come along the way.

To start off with what all the excitement, Fairy Tail begins as an adventure of Lucy Heartfilia, a teenage wizard as she joins the titular wizard’s guild and meets Natsu Dragneel who has been searching for the dragon named Igneel. All of which takes place in the land called Fairy Tail. An interesting thing about this world is a lot of various creatures clash and come in contact with one another. Here you can find humans, celestial beings, the Exceed or catlike creatures, giant beasts, spirits and last but not the least, dragons.


Most of the story revolves around the Kingdom of Fiore where the wizards reside. Wizards or magic users are categorized into the Special Ability and the Holder. Apart from Wizards being professionally employed in this area (yes they are professionals), one can also find an array of employment options such as being a bodyguard, assassin, merchant, and treasure hunter. Owing to this, the world of Fairy Tail creates a bustling magical and almost medieval economy that deals with weaponry, equipment and potions.

As Lucy and Natsu go along with their journey, they make friends and enemies along the way. Among the indispensable crew that they have formed are the ever shirtless Gray Fullbuster and the Busty Ezra Scarlet. Of course, the cat like side kick named Happy is in on the adventure as well. The five make up the popular team up of Fairy Tail as they meet wizards and dragons and learn about trust and friendship. It might be a common routine for an adventure Anime to deal with things like team work, friendship, loyalty and power, but Fairy Tail tends to stand out in one way or another.

One other thing to note about Fairy Tail is it isn’t just your typical adventure plot, but it is very comical in many ways. Each character has his or her antics at times that make you simply laugh until you can feel tears swelling up your eyes. It has a good combination of fun, laughter, action, magic and sadness that makes it an all in one variety show. It’s a heartwarming Anime that one can’t easily forget or let go until they see the very end.

Check out some of the most memorable and fun episodes of Fairy Tail!

20 Best Fairy Tail episodes:

1. Episode 19 “Changeling/Chenjiringu” (チェンジリング)

It’s a rather interesting yet very funny episode wherein everyone ends up exchanging bodies with each other. It all started when Natsu happens to find a strange request pinned on the job board. Curious as he is, he starts chanting the words. This prompts the spell of body exchange to happen between him and the Fairy Tail members. Levy then tries to save things and break the spell only saving one pair of bodies wherein the rest are still in the dilemma of being stuck elsewhere.

2. Episode 25 “A Flower Blooms in the Rain/Ame no Naka ni Saku Hana” (雨の中に咲く華)

The most iconic moment of this episode is when Gray meets Juvia while protecting Lucy in the process. Elfman performs Beast Soul and attacks Sol but later on apologizes to Mirajane because he failed in Protecting Lisanna. Juvia on the other hand establishes love at first sight on Gray. Despite the one sided attraction at this point the two of them fight to claim Lucy to which Gray swears he will risk his life to protect the latter. Gray uses Freeze and Ice Geyser on Juvia and defeats her. Juvia escapes death with help from Gray; much to her surprise. On the other hand, Natsu faces Aria, the last member of Element 4.

3. Episode 34 “Jellal/Jerāru” (ジェラール)

This is where Jellal is first introduced. As a huge battle unfolds in the depths of the Tower of Heaven, Erza struggles and has her past slowly unfold in front of her. This is also the episode where the elusive and mysterious R-system is explained.

4. Episode 37 “Armor of the Heart/Kokoro no Yoroi” (心の鎧)

Lucy is being controlled by Vidaldus and Juvia helps her by finally reaching out into her and convincing her to defeat her enemies by using Juvia’s Aquarius. Both girls are able to hold down Vidaldus and perform a Unison Raid. Natsu on the other hand has been devoured by Fukuro and Gray saves the former. It is also revealed that Jellal’s plan was to resurrect Zeref and obtain the support of the Magic Council in firing the Etherion.

5. Episode 41 “Home”

Erza having sacrificed herself in the last battle sees herself in her funeral surrounded by friends who are mourning for her. Natsu rescues Erza from the water thus giving her another chance to live her life. At this point Erza offers membership in Fairy Tail to her friends to which the latter refuse. Her friends did not want to burden her and Erza understood this. A farewell ceremony was held. The group returns to base and find that Gajeel has become a member, much to the disappointment of Juvia. Laxus takes initiative and tries to take control of the guild as the changes arise.

6. Episode 50 “Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!/Tokubetsu Irai. Kininaru Kare ni Chūi Seyo!” (特別依頼。気になる彼に注意せよ!)

One of the more humorous and laid back episodes of season 2. Everyone is relaxing and Lucy is pretty bummed about not having to do anything. Natsu loves the laid back aura while Gray and Erza push him to take jobs. Juvia on the other hand buys a “love potion” she thinks can help Gray to notice her. Lucy also keeps on getting ridiculous hints that Natsu might have feelings for her. After Juvia releases the “love potion” and it created havoc, everyone in the guild who has been exposed into it accuse the first thing they see as their rivals.

7. Episode 52 “Allied Forces, Assemble!/Rengōgun, Shūketsu!” (連合軍、集結!)

A joint effort from the Fairy Tail guild, Blue Pegasus and Cait Shelter has been formed in order to defeat Oración Seis, the dark guild. This means that Lucy, Natsu, Erza and Gray have to team up with Hibiki, Eve, and Ren as well as Lyon, Sherry, and Jura. Everything happens so fast to everyone’s surprise and as if that wasn’t all, Wendy, a young and mysterious girl suddenly appears.

8. Episode 55 “The Girl and the Ghost/Shōjo to Bōrei” (少女と亡霊)

With Jellal in danger, Wendy resurrects him upon confessing that she owes him her life. On the other hand Gray finds himself fighting one on one with fight Oración Seis wizard Racer. Wendy and Happy are then rescued by Natsu and Carla. Shock greets them as they come upon a living Jellal. However Natsu and the team goes on their way so that they could save Erza.

9. Episode 69 “Call of the Dragon/Ryū no Izanai” (竜の誘い)

Everybody starts to return to their own guilds and in addition Wendy and Carla are now official members of Fairy Tail. Gray begins to feed Natsu of rumors flying around about a girl called Daphne, whom has seen a dragon. Curious, Natsu together with Wendy try to find the girl only to find out that everything has been set as a trap by Gray and Daphne. On another note Erza inexplicably encounters a monster which has the same ability as she has.

10. Episode 70 “Natsu vs. Gray!!/Natsu vs. Gurei!!” (ナツ vs. グレイ!!)

Bewildered of Gray’s alliance with Daphne, Natsu fights him. At this point Gray still would not explain his actions. Knowing that Natsu might be in danger Lucy and Erza follow Natsu and Wendy however they are stopped by more artificial monsters called Lizardmen; they have been created by Daphne with abilities to copy their opponent’s abilities. Natsu is eventually defeated and Daphne goes ahead and uses him to power up Dragonoid, her artificial dragon.

11. Episode 72 “A Fairy Tail Wizard/Fearī Teiru no Madōshi” (フェアリーテイルの魔導士)

At this point Gray finally confesses why he has been helping Daphne in capturing Natsu. He tells Makarov that the core plan was to get Natsu into the Dragonoid with hopes of him destroying it from within. If the Dragonoid was destroyed it can lift a powerful curse that Daphne had cast which made the people of the town invisible. Thanks to the help of other wizards of Fairy Tail, Natsu is able to overload and destroy Dragonoid eventually defeating Daphne. The curse is finally gone and the people appear once more.

12. Episode 73 “Rainbow Cherry Blossoms/Niji no Sakura” (虹の桜)

Another casual episode where everyone is simply laid back and there is peace in the surroundings. Lucy catches a cold after completing a mission from the mountains with her friends. Owing to this she isn’t able to go to the Flower Watching annual event; this is an event in Fairy Tail that everyone is looking forward to go to especially Natsu. He knows that it isn’t fun without Lucy around and left out, Natsu and Happy decide to uproot a Cherry tree and bring it to Lucy instead. Talk about the event coming to you.

13. Episode 86 “Erza vs. Erza/Eruza vs. Eruza” (エルザ vs. エルザ)

If we thought that Erza was a tough opponent to neat what more if Erza had to fight Erza? In this episode Erza attempts to hold off her alternate world version Erza Knightwalker. She does this to help Lucy and the team to rescue Natsu and Wendy. Happy on the other hand has been sent to look for Gajeel. Dragonslayers are believed to have the power to reverse the magic which caused the transformation of everyone in lacrima. Gajeel begins to attempt to free everyone only to be disturbed by the Exceed Pantherlily. Faust, a captain of the Edolas Army cooks up a plan to use the Dragon Chain Cannon in order to combine the Magnolia lacrima into Exalia and destroy them. This is the plan so that Edolas can benefit of all the magic up to infinity.

14. Episode 88 For Pride’s Sake, the River of Stars/Hoshi no Taiga wa Hokori no Tame ni” (星の大河は誇りの為に)

Lucy summons multiple spirits one after the other and the sudden use of too much power drains her magic eventually. Afraid that she will be defeated by Byro, Virgo gives her a spirit world whip; this can extend and get someone to help in a fight. Natsu arrives just in time and defeats Byro, Sugarboy steals the key that Coco has given to Lucy. Gray, enraged, pursues Sugarboy and fights him. Gray wins and he destroys the key after knowing what it was for. Gray does this confidently since he is able to create a replicate from ice.

15. Episode 123 “Fairy Tail, Year X791/Nanahyaku-kyūjū-ichi-nen: Fearī Teiru” (X791年・妖精の尻尾)

A span of seven years has passed and Fairy Tail ends up as the weakest wizard guild from the rest in Fiore. The guild has become indebted to the new local guild Twilight Ogre. Ichiya and the Tri-men of Blue Pegasus pay visit to the remaining members of fairy tail to inform them of some disturbances in the waters where Sirius Island was located before. It was discovered that the island was protected by the spirit of Mavis Vermilion from Acnologia’s attack. The protection enabled everyone to use her power so that they can cast the defensive Fairy Sphere spell which in turn caused them to be somewhat frozen in time, approximately, seven years. Once again the missing members return and help drive away the Twilight Ogre members.

16. Episode 124 “The Seven Year Gap/Kūhaku no Nana-nen” (空白の7年)

As everyone celebrates their friends’ return, Lamia Scale members visit Fairy Tail guild. Gray is able to learn from Lyon about what happened to Ultear and Merudy within those seven years. On another note, Erza learns about Jellal and Makarov. Later on Erza, and Mirajane decide on visiting Twilight Ogre and taking sweet revenge for all the bullying they latter made. Lucy on the other hand is kicked out in the cold by her landlady for failing to pay seven years worth of rent. Lucy tries to visit her father Jude, only to know that he died a month before she was able to return from Sirius Island. In the long run, Lucy is able to return home when the landlady reveals that her father had left seven years worth of rent money and presents for Lucy. Her father also left a letter with hopes that Lucy is still alive. Lucy realizes her father’s love for her and she too admits that she loved her father dearly.

17. Episode 127 “The Terror of Invisible Lucy!/Tōmei Rūshii no Kyōfu!” (透明ルーシィの恐怖!)

Lucy decides to bathe in a magical lotion that she had invented seven years ago. What she didn’t know is that the effects have changed and it turned her invisible instead. Lucy decides to ask her friends for help and even they could not do much. The lotion and its effects become more alarming when it threatens to make Lucy herself disappear as well as everyone’s memories about her. Natsu however is able to remember his friendship with Lucy and gets her back into existence. Happy hugs Lucy who accidentally spills the lotion bottle on everyone else turning them, invisible.

18. Episode 174 “Four Dragons/Yonin no Doragon” (四人の竜)

As the tag battle goes on, Sting and Rogue are starting to attack Natsu and Gajeel. The latter manages to hold them both off and forces the former duo to activate the Dragon Force at will, surprising the Fairy Tail audience. Sting had a promise to Lector, his Exceed friend years ago, thus he decides to finish the the Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers on his own. Sting delivers a powerful attack on Natsu and Gajeel which collapses the entire arena floor, resulting to a hand to hand combat under the ground. Sting seems to win the match but Natsu and Gajeel manages to stand up. Natsu then challenges the Twin Dragons of Saber Tooth on his own as Gajeel is left with motion sickness.

19. Episode 175 “Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons/Natsu vs. Sōryū” (ナツ vs. 双竜)

The tag battle’s end draws near and Natsu overpowers both the attacks of Sting and Rogue. This dampens the hearts of the Saber Tooth members. Jiemma grows frustrated and mad on the defeat of the powerful Twin Dragons, causing fear to the crowd. The Fairy Tail members on the other hand jump with joy since the team gets 10 points which surpasses that of Team Saber Tooth. Natsu had dragged Gajeel into a cart during the fight and thus he finds himself there and later on stumbles upon a cave which is seemingly filled with dragon skeletons. Jellal is able to trace the source of the dark aura, whom is a dark hooded individual.

20. Episode 211 “Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!/Gurei vs. Kyansā, Dansu Batoru!” (グレイ vs. キャンサー、ダンスバトル!)

Yet, this is another comical and entertaining episode. Cana makes use of her Gildarts card so she could defeat Scorpio. Around this time Cancer challenges Gray to, surprise; A dance battle. Gray admits that he can’t dance, Cancer offers him a pair of magical shoes making Gray’s doubts on dancing goes away and thus making him a pro dancer. Everything seemed fine when Gray’s dancing accidentally infatuates Cancer, enabling Gray to defeat him while distracted in Leo’s dimension. Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla find themselves in a temple while looking for Leo. Natsu destroys a statue in the temple and a 13th gate opens in Astral Spiritus. Hisui and Arcadios start investigating the gate.

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