Fashion Portraits by Gas Oven

Through the Looking Glass

Gas Oven is a published photographer currently living just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio when she isn’t traveling throughout various parts of the United States for work.

Born in Northern Kentucky, Gas Oven was immersed in the lush landscapes of the Bluegrass State. Perhaps it’s for that reason she is so transfixed by the glory of Mother Nature. From the romance of the changing seasons to the unpredictability of storms and disaster, GO is influenced by the strength of the natural world and how that strength is reflected in the human spirit.

Inspired by her long history in the arts, Gas Oven is experienced in creating images that have been described as “visual poetry.” From start to finish, she seeks to weave a story for the viewer, often utilizing digital editing software to fully develop a concept.



Mallory Sees

Lakeside Beauty

Jean Marie

To the Ground

Forget Me Not



Good Sort of Mischief


Urban Fade

The Power

Slide by GasOven

City Trenches

Blackboard Betty

Balloon Bath


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