Feminine Figure Paintings by Duma

Duma was born in Lisbon, in 1973. Lives and works in Oeiras, Portugal. She studied advertising in IADE (Visual Arts, Design & Marketig Institute) and also studied Painting and Drawing at the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon.

“The feminine figure is something natural in my work, it’s like a piece of me represented in each canvas. I like to show to the viewer just a little piece of the full scene. I like to leave space for the viewer’s imagination. In each frame there is an unlimited universe of actions, thoughts and emotions, each character shows us just a little bit of its personality, it’s like a frozen frame of a movie or a camera shot of a moment.

I was always very attracted to represent the human shape, particularly portraits. However, the kind of portrait I want to convey, is not of anyone in particular, I don’t want to provide a specific identity, I just want to represent an overall feeling of femininity.

By taking away the eyes, I surround the character in mistery, making it more abstract, forcing the viewer to create a story around it. That’s complemented with the framing I choose and a simple and clear background. Each one allows the viewer to use his imagination and provides a unique and individual experience of the painting.”























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