Figurative Paintings by Gabriel Picart

Gabriel Picart was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1962, where he still lives and works. He began a successful art career at the early age of twenty when he started working as an illustrator throughout Europe, and shortly thereafter for the major publishing houses and advertising agencies in the United States and Canada. Since 1996, Picart paints full time and no longer accepts illustration commissions.

Figurative painting belongs to classical mediterranean civilizations, and this means identification with environmental elements and objects. Picart is adamantly a figurative painter. He was born northwest Mediterranean coast, a beautiful and kind environment, “how could I refuse to try to reflect the beautiful things all around me in my paintings”. As a consequence of living in a place designed one hundred years ago, Gabriel developed a deep interest in everything that pertains to the aestetics of the fin de siecle period. Of special interest to him is the period from mid-nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth.












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