Graphic Designs by Timothy Karpinski

Timothy J. Karpinski grew up near the Appalachian Trail in the woods of New Jersey. As time passed, skateboarding and art entered the picture. To this day, Karpinski still spends much of his time building forts, damming streams, skateboarding and making art. Inspiration also comes from his love of music, outer space, typography, yoga, gardening, children’s books, graffiti, and his love of nature and science. In 2004 Karpinski received his BFA focusing in Graphic Design and Painting from Castleton State College in Castleton, VT.

Karpinski is a master of wit, a lover of folk and owner of one of the finest art reference libraries this side of the Mississippi. Karpinski is currently living the dream in Portland, OR where he runs Together Gallery, holds down both a fort and a sailboat… and somehow still finds time to make some art and dam some streams.




















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