Illustrations by Chris Ortega

Cris Ortega was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1980, and took interest in art and literature when she was a child. She studied as Superior Technician on Illustration in the Art School of Valladolid. Her work covered several fields of activity, from graphic design and advertising to design of figures and games, concept art, roleplaying and videogames, comic, photography, cover design and logos.

The outer frontier



The sound of her wings
never after


Deep in the Underwold

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    • yep breathtaking is the most closure word about that kind of images let us feel

    • I can’t believe that this is just an illustration. The pictures were so amazing, and real.
      Chris Ortega was so great!

      Thank you for creating this website! :)

  1. Well, as some “esoteric” people would said: I didnt fine this web, this web fined me….jejeje

    This is ASTONISHING, this pictures look like a real person and a real pictures….I’m very very very glad to watch that kind of ART….

    I wondering if, with some pictures of mine, you could do some collages of something like this, well me choosing the place and the armors

    Anyway THANKS a lot to share this page

  2. this pics are awesome they really look like a real person and the attitude of the picture captivates my eyes its very real i really love the way this was done its very cool :)


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