Illustrations by Kharisma Ryantori

The Gambler commission

Kharisma Ryantori is a multi-disciplined artist with Chinese origin who’s born and grew up in Surabaya, Indonesia. Kharisma keeps experimenting different media. Now she has worked with traditional painting, watercolor, as well as digital art. Her work is full of virant colors and it’s celebration of fantasy and Asian beauty.

Now she has moved to the USA and is engaged in digital paintings, graphic design, making logos, and also jewelry making.

Tithonnas Duskrathe






Shakaasha Commission


sara sixblades


Ryari II


Once Upon A Time In The Future




Lilith Aelorothi


Lilian Ero myr




Isn‘t Love Sweet






Angelo Bonafedi


A Tubenose Plushie Of My Own


Winter Solemn

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