Inspirational Advertisement by Jerico Santander

Mas Pelas

Illustration made for Atutiplen

Jerico Santander is an illustrator based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. His works includes 3D, illustration, drawings and much more. Own World and Open Source are some of his most famous artworks. Jerico Santander talks about his fantastic works and his design life.

The Teapot

USB Milk


Space Junk


Only the strong survive


Art Directors: Jason Gilliland, Pierre Chan
Illustration for a Calder Bateman’s self-promotional campaign.


MTV Movie Awards

Commisioned by LFS

We all Fall

Sometimes, we all fall

The music nature

Made for a Contest

Made for


Sound mind, sound body

Asics Global


Own World

Illustration made for

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