Mallorcan Dream House

Mallorca architect Miguel Angel Lacomba is very clever in using creativity when integrating the construction of white sand into the environment. The simplicity of the client brief states at the top of the wish list and architects to build fairy houses with white clean line design, emphasized by the use of brown for the shutters. residence intact and the mountains behind it reflects the blue pond, as if the house twin house lying at the base of Mallorca. Cubic volume in the shelters was the master bedroom, while other rooms are spread on each side.

Brown, white and gray color palette of warm forming the main residence, creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. South-facing residence features sliding glass doors and sliding wooden window that protects the interior spaces of the natural elements and overheating. The interior was filled with light and filtered, depending on whether glass doors or windows open or closed. Exterior interior inspiration and clean place to live simple make a strong candidate for the dream home.










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