Mystical Illustations by Alexander Jansson

Alexander Jansson was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden.

At an early age Alexander developed a huge interest for all things concerning music and art. At his early twenties Alexander moved to Gothenburg for art studies at the New Dömen Artschool.

After forming a studio along with some friends he tried his luck as an traditional artist. Alexander specializes in Distortion and Mysteries in illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design.


Peyton Whispers cover

Orchestre de Mystere

Monsters in a flying hat

The Stairs

Monster daddys new bike

The tiny king


The travelling mute singers


A Tree


The Caravan

Kates Motel

Selma in the tree

The Sleeping House

The Game

The Bearded Baumann Brothers


Loch Shion

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