Vintage Fashion by Paolo Roversi

Vintage Fashion by legendary fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. Paolo is an Italian-born fashion photographer who lives and works in Paris. Paolo Roversi’s interest in photography was kindled as a teenager during a family vacation in Spain in 1964. Back home, he set up a darkroom in a convenient cellar with another keen amateur, the local postman Battista Minguzzi, and began developing and printing his own black & white work.

For me, light is life – and the first light that I see is the sun.

My studio is a place for the chance, the dream, the imaginary to prevail. I give these forces as much space as I can.







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  1. Absolutely love your work.
    image 1_553_697 above, how did you get that tone?
    My daughter is doing a degree in photography at Edinburh Napier. We have tried to recreate the tone you get here but with limited success. Would love to know the secret, or even just a clue :)

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