See The Music: Musical Surrealism

Have you ever imagined seeing music through your eyes? How would music look like if it were given a form and colours? [See The Music] is a series collection of limited edition Giclée art prints.

Listening to classical music has always been one of our favourite pastime. Being a feast for the ears, we have always been figuring out a way to translate classical music into a feast for the eyes as well. By visualizing the music pieces, ones can more easily immerse in the emotional environment created by the music itself, thus would
appreciate music art more.

That is why we have turned musical notes into surrealistic visuals. Created using our unique algorithm, each of the pieces is generated in 3D with parameters defined by the name of its composer, its mood, its key and its tempo. Each forms a floral-like surrealistic art piece, and makes a unique contemporary rendition of classical music in visual form.

Available as limited edition art prints, each is hand-signed and numbered by the designer for authentication purposes. They are printed using archival inks on museum-grade paper, which can last for 200 years.

The [See The Music: Musical Surrealism] series features 18 unique music pieces from the baroque period until the impressionism period. The series offers a contemporary surrealistic twist to these selected 18 infamous musical works by respectively 16 great composers.

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