Sepia Series Paintings by Janel Eleftherakis

Janel Eleftherakis is a New England based artist brought up in Miami but born in Germany. Her artistic love was influenced by her grandmother. Fascinated with the tumultuous and glorious eras of the 40′s, Janel created the series of oil paintings Sepia Series, featured in abstract and dark color.

Janel Eleftherakis-1

Janel Eleftherakis-5

Janel Eleftherakis-6

Janel Eleftherakis-7

Janel Eleftherakis-8

Janel Eleftherakis-9

Janel Eleftherakis-10

Janel Eleftherakis-11

Janel Eleftherakis-12

Janel Eleftherakis-13

Janel Eleftherakis-2

Janel Eleftherakis-3

Janel Eleftherakis-4

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