Street Art by Andrea Michaelsson

Andrea Michaelsson-2

Andrea Michaelsson, aka Btoy, is a street artist better from Barcelona, Spain. Btoy prefers to place street art and posters in old places. These places may include rust on a door and old textured walls.

Her street art stencils often portray the importance of women, and sometimes incorporate famous portraits. Most of these women are female icons from the 1950’s, often depicted through powerful brush strokes combined with very acute stencil lines.


Mural in Budapest

Nikola Tesla detail mural

Daphne in Amsterdam

On the Streets of Amsterdam

Badalona city. 2012


Andrea Michaelsson-3

On the streets Amsterdam


Abandoned factory

On the streets of Barcelona.

Festival In situ. Fort d'Aubervilliers.Paris

On the streets of Malaga

Kill the Clown

All in forms

Andrea Michaelsson-1


Santa Maravilla

Wallflower. Lilian Gish

On the streets of Barcelona detail

Pastor de Covilha

On the Streets of Amsterdam

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